Housekeeping and Construction Cleanup in Hillside, NJ

Cleaning Services 

At U.S. Frameless Glass Shower Door we are now expanding into the commercial and private cleaning business throughout New Jersey and parts of New York City. Like the rest of the services we provide, everything is done in a thorough and professional manner. For new buildings we use a power washer both inside and out. That provides a comprehensive and meticulous clean, and takes everything off the walls including the construction residue that has been left.

Our company, based in Hillside, New Jersey, will clean the walls on a regular schedule using organic products as well as water, and vinegar and water solutions. We pride ourselves on being “gentle” cleaners. A general cleanup of the inside of a house involves cleaning walls; dusting ceilings and ceiling fans; cleaning the trim, baseboards, window frames and door frames; dusting handrails, mantles and woodwork; removing mud, paint and debris from door hinges; cleaning interior masonry; and vacuuming carpets.

We also clean floors, windows, fixtures and bulbs, electrical switches and outlets, closets and cabinets, and blinds and shutters. Our staff will remove trash, protective plastic film, and floor vents to allow for the ducts to be vacuumed. A similar thorough job will be done in individual rooms throughout the house, including kitchens, bathrooms, entries and exits, utility and laundry rooms, and garages.

Having been in business in New Jersey for 15 years, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we offer a competitive pricing structure. All our staff are friendly and professional and your satisfaction is our goal.

So if you live in or near Newark and need an expert cleaning job done on your house, whether you are a commercial or residential customer, then don’t hesitate. Call U.S. Frameless Glass Shower Door - the best in the business – on (973) 536-2117 and we will take care of it.